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Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey respectively store messages in the widespread mbox file format. A description can be found at

In addition to the header lines set by the sending client or transporting MTA, Mozilla sets a few lines for managing the mails. Two of these lines are X-Mozilla-Status and X-Mozilla-Status2 line. They're the most important too, because they contain data on the status of the message itself.

See the following tables for explanation of the numbers. The single values are in hexadecimal form as in the message header. If more than one value is set, they are logical or’ed – so read and deleted is 0x009.

Name Value Description
MSG_FLAG_READ 0x0001 Message has been read.
MSG_FLAG_REPLIED 0x0002 A reply has been successfully sent.
MSG_FLAG_MARKED 0x0004 The user has flagged this message.
MSG_FLAG_EXPUNGED 0x0008 Already gone (when folder not compacted). Since actually removing a message from a folder is a semi-expensive operation, we tend to delay it; messages with this bit set will be removed the next time folder compaction is done. Once this bit is set, it never gets un-set.
MSG_FLAG_HAS_RE 0x0010 Whether subject has “Re:” on the front. The folder summary uniquifies all of the strings in it, and to help this, any string which begins with “Re:” has that stripped first. This bit is then set, so that when presenting the message, we know to put it back (since the “Re:” is not itself stored in the file).
MSG_FLAG_ELIDED 0x0020 Whether the children of this sub-thread are folded in the display.
MSG_FLAG_OFFLINE 0x0080 DB has offline news or imap article.
MSG_FLAG_WATCHED 0x0100 If set, this thread is watched.
MSG_FLAG_SENDER_AUTHED 0x0200 If set, then this message's sender has been authenticated when sending this msg. This means the POP3 server gave a positive answer to the XSENDER command. Since this command is no standard and only known by few servers, this flag is unmeaning in most cases.
MSG_FLAG_PARTIAL 0x0400 If set, then this message's body contains not the whole message, and a link is available in the message to download the rest of it from the POP server. This can be only a few lines of the message (in case of size restriction for the download of messages) or nothing at all (in case of “Fetch headers only”)
MSG_FLAG_QUEUED 0x0800 If set, this message is queued for delivery. This only ever gets set on messages in the queue folder, but is used to protect against the case of other messages having made their way in there somehow – if some other program put a message in the queue, it won't be delivered later!
MSG_FLAG_FORWARDED 0x1000 This message has been forwarded.
MSG_FLAG_PRIORITIES 0xE000 These are used to remember the message priority in interal status flags.

This table is based upon

Name Value Description
MSG_FLAG_NEW 0x00010000 This message is new since the last time the folder was closed.
MSG_FLAG_IGNORED 0x00040000 If set, this thread is ignored.
MSG_FLAG_IMAP_DELETED 0x00200000 If set, this message is marked as deleted on the server. This only applies to messages on IMAP servers.
MSG_FLAG_MDN_REPORT_NEEDED 0x00400000 This message required to send a MDN (Message Disposition Notification) to the sender of the message. For information about MDN see Wikipedia:Return receipt.
MSG_FLAG_MDN_REPORT_SENT 0x00800000 An MDN report message has been sent for this message. No more MDN report should be sent to the sender.
MSG_FLAG_TEMPLATE 0x01000000 If set, this message is a template.
MSG_FLAG_LABELS 0x0E000000 These are used to store the message label.
MSG_FLAG_ATTACHMENT 0x10000000 If set, this message has files attached to it.

This table is based upon h

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